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Technology of productivity increase in fish-breeding, mariculture and rapid production of new kinds and forms of fish

The technology is based on the principle of physiological process regulation using biologically active substances that are obtained from natural compounds used in medicine. These elaborations are protected by several author's certificates of Former Soviet Union and are being patented in Ukraine. They have been created by composite authors - the members of: Lvov Laboratory of Malignant Tumors and Leucosis Remedial Therapy, Department of Biologically Active Substances Structure Modification of the Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics of National Academy of Science of Ukraine, Institute of Health Promotion and Rebirth of People of Ukraine Ltd. and Institute of Hydrobiology.

On the base of these substances we have created individual and complex preparations in powder form ( Divosteem", Lactodivosteem" and others).

The technology includes:

  • productivity increase due to vitality, growth intensity, resistance against diseases;
  • rapid creation of new kinds and hybrids using the original method of non-vector transfer of hereditary information; treatment of unfertilized roe;
  • influence on fertilized roe, larvae and fry;
  • use of biological complexes for feeding of fry, young and adult fish in order to stimulate productivity and stability increase against harmful factors of environment (diseases, variation of temperature and feeding conditions).

The efficiency of the technology has been proved in experiments performed on different kinds of fish of carp family (loach, carp, crucian, grass carp), trout, salmon family, deep see scallop, starfish etc.

20-40% productivity increase is observed, and the costs are compensated during the first year of the technology use.

The organization of common research-and-production complexes together with sufficient investments of the work in necessary for creation of new kinds, forms and breeds of fish.

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