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Intensive biotechnology for development of new cancer resistant kinds of grape

The biotechnology of accelerated development of new kinds of grape includes:

  • the original methods of diagnostics and choice of cancer resistant plants;
  • the non-vector transfer of hereditary properties with the help of the nucleic acid preparations;
  • accelerated developmet of regenerate seedlings;
  • accelerated and effective rootage of cutting;
  • prophylactic treatment of the planting material against agrobacterial cancer;
  • a complete recovery from agrobacterial cancer for the most valuable elite plants - sources of seeds and plant material.

The separate parts of the biotechnology have been developed, studied and tested by the group of authors (A.I.Potopalsky, V.M.Avizbba, V.V.Borysenko, P.Ya.Golodryga, V.A.Zlenko, N.V.Lemanova, Z.Yu.Tkachuk) in the Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences (Kyiv), the Scientific-Research Institute of Viticulture and Wine-Making "Magarach" (Yalta), Scientific-Production Association "Vierul" (Moldova), Institute of Health Promotion and Rebirth of People of Ukraine (Kyiv), hot-house complex of the Steppe Supporting Point "Magarach" (Vilno-1, Crimea).

A number of biotechnology fragments are protected by five author certificates of the Former Soviet Union, some elaborations are patented.

With long-term use of the biotechnology, the highly productive and cancer resistant kinds of grape have been gained. The cancer resistant planting material of the known kinds as Kyiv Ranniy, Shasla Bila, Magarach Pervenec, Magarach Podarok, Spartanec, Kaberne, Cardinal, Terbashy, Moldova, Dekabrsky, Kutuzovsky, Negru-de Yaloven etc. Is successfully cultivated.

A treatment, valid for one occasion only with applying one of five our perspective preparations is completely prevented tumour progress on the inoculated plants of kinds Kishmish, Moldavsky, Negru-de Yaloven, Moldova, Dekabrsky, Kutuzovsky.

The biotechnology shows promise in the conditions of a hot climate.

The economic benefit of the biotechnology exceeds considerably those of the present methods used in the viticulture, horticulture and vegetable-growing.

Separate fragments of the biotechnology are marked off with the silver medal of Exibition of National Economic Achievement of Former Soviet Union and the diploma of International Exibition of Young Inventors in Bulgaria (1985), they are published in the monograph by A.I.Potopalsky and Z.Yu.Tkachuk "Tumours and incrustations of plants" (Kyiv, Vyscha Shkola, 1985)

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