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The kind has been created by Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics of NAS of Ukraine together with Institute of Health Promotion and Rebirth of People of Ukraine, Research Institution of Agriculture of Non-chernozem Zone of Ukraine, Kiev Complex Selection Center of Ukrainian Research Institution of Agriculture.

It has been obtained by the method of directed mutagenesis, using the influence of modified DNA preparations on "fodder 875" spontaneous fast-ripening mutant (VIR Cat. No 2151), followed by selection of early-ripening, high productive and viral narrow-leave resistant forms.

The height of the plants is 75-95 cm. The growth at the beginning of vegetation is fast. Kind of rosette is intermediate. Leaf amount is higher than usual. The leaf carries 7-9 elongated-oval leaflets. Stems and leaves are dark green with anthocyanin coloring. The flowers are yellow. The kind of inflorescence is bunch.

Specific morphological feature - location of single flowers along the stem in leaf sinuses. Possesses determinantal type of growth.

The beans are flat- roundish. The lowering of the beans is rare; amount of seeds in a bean is 4-7. The seeds are of roundish- nodular shape. The color is gray with punctate pattern. The weight of 1000 seeds is 123-135 grams.

Biological peculiarities. The kind is early-ripening. The vegetation period is 85-105 days. Ripens 10-12 days earlier than the standard.

The drought resistance and the lodging resistance is high. It is noticeable for its resistance against narrow-leave disease. The amount of infected plants at artificial infection comprises 11-12% against 100% for the standard - "Fast-growing 4" kind. Ripens simultaneously. Does not lose its properties in time. Suitable for cultivation by the industrial technology.

Yield. The kind is fruitful. During the competitive trials the seed yield comprised 23-28 centners per hectare, which is 5-11 centners per hectare higher than the standard. The yield of greenery is 600-820 centners per hectare - the level of the highest range of the standard. Protein content in the seeds is 42.5% - 1.5 higher than the standard.

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