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of the plants of Institute of Health Promotion and Rebirth of People of Ukraine selection, obtained together with collaborators, aimed for molecular recovery of human being and environment

New forms and kinds of plants have been created by the employees of the Institute. They are based on a new, original way of non-vector transfer of hereditary information from donor plants, carrying certain features, to recipient plants lacking these features, using alkylated carriers of hereditary information (DNA and RNA). Among them are Gramineae such as rye, wheat, millet, oats, barley, maize, rice, sorghum etc.; herbs, vegetables, technical crops and ornamental plants. Many of them are able to yield big harvests in nitrogen-depleted soils without any addition of mineral nitric fertilizers due to associative rhizosphere fixation of atmospheric nitrogen and its assimilation by cereal and technical crops. These plants are also resistant towards salinization, drought, winterkill and many diseases.

  • "Oleina" salt-tolerant high-oil sunflower
  • "Snowman" early rhubarb
  • "Associative-1" nitrogen-fixing wheat
  • "Neslamniy" salt-tolerant oats
  • "Polesskoe sandy" salt-tolerant millet
  • "Self-sowing" millet
  • "Vatra" red millet
  • "Kazatsky" black brewing barley
  • "Violaceous" high-productive salt-tolerant green bristlegrass
  • "Giant" high-yield amaranth
  • "Velvet" food-decorative amaranth
  • "Drevlyanskaya" high-productive winter rye (approved by State Inspection of Kinds as the national standard of Ukraine's tetraploid rye)
  • "Slavutich M-1" salt-tolerant winter rye
  • "Svitanok" spring rye
  • "Pashnitsa" molecular hybrid of rye and wheat
  • "Zhitnyah" molecular hybrid of rye and maize (mammoth widlrye)
  • "Kuchmin'" molecular hybrid of barley and maize
  • Salt-tolerant sorghum
  • Perennial sorghum
  • Salt-tolerant colored cotton-plant
  • Sweet cultivated snowball tree (molecular hybrid of snowball tree and vine)
  • "Alycos" molecular hybrid of cherry-plum and apricot
  • Large-fruited cultivated rowan (molecular hybrid of rowan and apple)
  • "Gorania" black rowan (molecular hybrid of wild red rowan and black chokeberry)
  • "Kiziris" large-fruited barberry (molecular hybrid of cornel and barberry)
  • "Anti-nicotinic" cork tree ("Velvet of Amur") - molecular hybrid of cork tree and black rowan
  • "Bell" indoor pomegranate
  • "Polesskiy Bukovinets" frost-resisting laurel
  • "Productive" frost-resisting lemon
  • "Wide-leaved" Scorzonera
  • "Delicacy" dietary-food sweet maize
  • "Luskavka" food maize
  • "Hematopoietic" dietary maize
  • "Industrial" forage lupine
  • "Rainbow of Polesie" perennial low-alkaloid lupine
  • "Kvagista" molecular hybrid of haricot and cabbage
  • "Banana-like" molecular hybrid of beans and haricot
  • "Multiform" molecular hybrid of cucumber and tsukini marrow
  • "Emerald" molecular hybrid of nightshade and tobacco, possessing spasmolytic properties
  • "Romnacea" molecular hybrid of camomile and Purple Echinacea
  • "Nagaistra" molecular hybrid of calendula and aster
  • "Blueness of Polesie" viper's bugloss
  • "Zdorovyaga" kavbuz - molecular hybrid of pumpkin and watermelon (enriched in carotene, vitamins and minerals, promotes removal of heavy metals and radionuclides from the organism)
  • "Kavbudek" molecular hybrid of kavbuz and pumpkin, possessing high oil content
  • "Garbachok" molecular hybrid of pumpkin and marrow
  • "Salt-removing" winter cherry - molecular hybrid of winter cherry vegetable and salt-tolerant and yellow nightshade (enriched in pectins and tannins, microelements and vitamins, promotes removal of heavy metals and radio nuclides from the organism, shows salt removing action at salt deposition in joints, osteochondrosis, urolithiasis and cholelithiasis)
  • Salt tolerant tomatoes - "Ukrainian Salt Tolerant" molecular hybrid of tomatoes and nightshade
  • "Viunok" yam (sweet potatoes)
  • "Cluster of Polesie" American pokeweed (Phytolacca)
  • "Blue Giant" medicinal-decorative periwinkle
  • Purple Echinacea of "Beauty of Polesie" kind - efficient immune modulator, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobe remedy, decorative bee plant.
Bee plants, forages and herbs:
  • "Velicheznaya" pilotweed
  • "Miracle-Mirage" biennial bushy sage
  • "Lace" night beauty
  • "Spherical Miracle" Echinops ritro
  • "Self-sowing" Phacelia
  • "Umbrella" Phaponticum carthamoides
  • "Bee Plant" motherwort
  • "Colorful" herbaceous hibiscus
  • Salt tolerant thermopsis
  • "Violaceous" delphinium
  • "Blue" delphinium
  • "Blue-eyed" cucumber grass
  • "Melliferous", "Nut" artichoke
  • "Giant of Polesie" elecampane
  • "Panicled" six-petalled meadow-sweet
  • "Wide-leaved Beauty" Mackeaya cordata
  • "Gift of Heaven" tetraploid greater celandine

The preparations of original sanitary complexes of herbs and drinks, possessing immune regulating and disintoxicative properties, promoting removal of toxic substances and radionuclides from the organism, were proposed basing on the indicated and other plants. Among them are the drinks "Youth", "Be healthy", teas "Vivacity", "Calmness", "Prudkostoi" and others.

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