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A.Potopalsky Charity Fund
"Healer given by Heaven"

Mailing address 03026 Kiev, Pirogovo,
Museum of folk architecture and life of Ukraine
Appeal to
philanthropists and sympathizers
Phone (044) 526-11-39
Fax (044) 526-07-59
Head of the organization Anatoly Ivanovich Potopalsky
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Amount of members 9
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Mission of the organization

A.Potopalsky Charity Fund "Healer given by Heaven" (further referred to as Fund) is a charitable organization, which follows its Regulations, Constitution of Ukraine, Law of Ukraine "About Charity and Charitable Organizations" from September 16, 1997, and current legislation of Ukraine in its activity.

The Fund works in the territory of Kiev, represents a legal entity, has its own balance, settlement and dollar accounts.

The goal of the Fund's activity is realization of charitable work for the sake of society or individual categories of people.

The decision to create a charitable fund was taken on the general meeting of Institute of Health Promotion and Rebirth of People of Ukraine in May 14, 1999. The founders of the Fund are Anatoly Ivanovich Potopalsky and the above-named institute.

The main aim of the Fund is assistance to health protection, education, maternity and childhood development, development of nature conservation, rebirth of public spirituality, popularization of healthy life-style, participation in providing medical help to population and helping those who need social support and care.

The special aim of the Fund is providing welfare for the realization of the new scientific direction of molecular recovery of human being and environment, developed by A. Potopalsky, as well as rapid production of new antitumor, antivirus and immune modulating amitosin and izatizon preparations and their analogues.

This scientific direction has to be brought into life, which is hardly possible at the absence of state funding.

During the general meeting the founders of the charitable fund decided to create a program of systematic charitable financial aid to Institute of Health Promotion and Rebirth of People of Ukraine in realization of a new scientific direction "Development and application of molecular recovery of human being and environment means, new biotechnologies, creation and propagation of new forms of plants" for 1999-2009.

The goal of the program

Charitable funding and organizational help:

  • in the receipt of development batches, analytical and clinical trials of new preparations of antitumor, antivirus and immune modulating action (amitosin, izatizon, izatizoniy etc.), plant sanitary complexes;
  • in study and prevention of possible difficulties when using new preparations and sanitary complexes;
  • to legal entities and natural persons in buying perspective preparations and sanitary complexes;
  • in creation, study and propagation of new forms of plants;
  • in development, study and propagation of new biotechnologies;
  • in popularization of the indicated results (publications, exhibitions, radio, television, Internet etc.);
  • staff training for these investigations.

The fulfillment of this program should aid to the application of the new scientific direction, leading to people and environment health promotion. Use of domestic inexpensive preparations based on our own raw materials should allow their purchase by all the levels of the population irrespective of their financial position.

A sanitary phyto-hall, containing curative plants selected by Institute of Health Promotion and Rebirth of People of Ukraine, has been created by the Fund for the houses of invalid children of Goloseev region; a library of religious and general educative literature has been organized and is supplied from the Fund's means.

Appeal to
philanthropists and sympathizers

Founded in 1992, the Institute of Health Promotion and Rebirth of People of Ukraine is a scientific and production association in creating and studying of new antitumour, antiviral and immunemodulating remedies. Also, development and introduction of the new biotechnologies and methods of molecular health promotion of human and environment, creating and propagating new forms of medicinal and useful plants are planned in Institute activities. The new scientific direction of selective changes in molecular structure of the biologically active substances founded by A.Potopalsky, director of the Institute, has gained recognition both in Ukraine and abroad. Based on these new methods, the original antitumour, antiviral and immunemodulating preparations AMITOZYN, TRIBETAMID, IZATIZON, IZATlTONlY have been worked out, and healing plant complexes "BAD'ORIST", "MOLODIST", "BUDMO ZDOROVI", new forms of officinal and agricultural plants, which provide high harvests even on salt soils, have been created. Besides, the Institute gives a large charity help to the population, especially to poor persons, children, persons with malignant tumours, victims of the Chornobyl catastrophe, veterans of war and labour. Unfortunately, the Institute cannot extend the research and production of preparations for lack of financial basis. To keep up our research work and to help the population we have createdthe Fond: Blagodiyniy Fond A.Potopalskogo "Nebodarniy Scilitel" ("Charismatic Healer" charitable fund of A.Potopalsky) Kyiv, Ukraine, N2 0395-99, 04.08.99. We would tike to ask everyone, who is not indifferent to the problems of health promotion of human and environment, to support our Fond.

Administration of the Institute of Health Promotion and Rebirth of People of Ukraine
Council of the Charitable Fond of A.Potopalsky "Healer given by Heaven"

Our address and the correspondent bank information:
Address: IOVNU Pirogovo Kyiv 03026 Ukraine
Phone: 380 044 526 11 39
Fax: 380 044 526 07 59
E-mail :

Beneficiary: Blagodiyniy Fond A. Potopalskogo " Nebodarniy scilitel"
Kyiv, Ukraine acc No26006012818021/840

Bank of Beneficiary: UKREXIMBANK, Kyiv, Ukraine S.W.I.F.T. EXBSUAUX

Correspondent banks:

Country Bank SWIFT code Accounts
BELGIUM Bank Brussels Lambert, Brussels BBRUBEBB 301-0188937-62-EUR
CANADA Royal Bank of Canada, Toronto ROYC CA T2 CAD 246-176-2
FRANCE Credit Lyonnais, Paris CRLY FR PP EUR 09100122049C
GERMANY Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt am Main DEUT DE FF EUR 9498767 10
GERMANY Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt am Main COBA DE FF EUR 400 886636000 EUR
ITALY Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, Rome BNLIIT RR EUR 265127
JAPAN Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi Ltd., Tokyo BOTK JP JT JPY 653-0440019
RUSSIA International Moscow Bank, Moscow IMBK RU MM BIC 044525545
INN 7710030411
RUB 30231810400010494875
USA JPMorgan Chase Bank, New York CHAS US 33 USD 400-124432
USA Bankers Trust Company, New York BKTR USD 04094227
USA Citibank N.A., New York CITI US 33 USD 36083522

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