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About the wonder-working "Divostim" complex - a helper of everything alive

If you are not familiar with wonders of Nature yet, become acquainted - our natural stimulating "Divostim" complex will provide them for everything that lives around you. Technologies for yield increase of plants and mushrooms, for root striking of valuable plants, and for increase of fish, bees and silkworm productivity have been worked out on Divostim basis.

These technologies are based on the principle of physiological processes' regulation using biologically active substances, obtained on the basis of natural substances used in medicine. The methods are protected by several author's certificates of former USSR. They are developed by composite authors - employees of Lviv Laboratory of Correcting Therapy of Malignant Tumors and Leucoses, Department of Modification of Biologically Active Substances' Structure of Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics of NAS of Ukraine, Institute of Health Promotion and Rebirth of People of Ukraine, Ukrainian Agricultural Academy, Institute of Plant Protection, Institute of Hydrobiology.

These substances were used to form a complex in a powder form - Divostim. Here are the technologies of Divostim use.

  1. Technology of viability and productivity increase of bees and rise of honey yield at 40-60%.
  2. Technology of plant productivity and yield 20-50% increase
  3. Technology of rapid root striking of green and numb sprouts using the soaking in Divostim solution
  4. Technology for intensification of mushrooms growing (champignons, pink oyster, shiitake etc.) using Divistim
  5. Technology of productivity increase in fish-breeding, mariculture and rapid production of new kinds and forms of fish

Technology of viability and productivity increase of bees and rise of honey yield at 40-60%.

The method of use: Three grams of Divostim (1 teaspoonful) dilute in 3 liters of hot sugar syrup and stir until it is completely diluted, or two tablespoonfuls of Lactodivostim (complex of Divostim and dry milk formula) dilute in 0.5 l of water.

One liter of the obtained solution should be used in a feeding-trough per one bee family. After each 2 months the bees should be fed by the same solution.

Each treatment increases the ability to work and lifetime of bees, as well as increases honey yield at 40-60%. The pollen storing up and wax production is also increased in these conditions.

The treatment effect remains during 2-2.5 months. That is why bee-keepers use it before bees' takeoff, a month after it and before the maximal honey yield in their region.

Technology of intensification of melliferous bees breeding
(protected by USSR author's certificate)

The technology provides:

  • improvement of bees development;
  • increase of bee family breeding, total weight, productivity and lifetime;
  • resistance against diseases.

The technology provides for Divostim use. The tables contain the data obtained when using individual components of Divostim preparation compared to known preparations.

Indices of melliferous bees development under the influence of Divostim preparation components
Preparation Concentration Weight of working bees, mg Lifetime, days Weight of pollen on a string, mg Amount of grown typed breeding (number of squares)
Component-1 0,020 118,5±4,8 29,0±1,2 18,6±1,5 48,5±1,6
Component-2 0,020 117,0±3,8 29,5±1,3 19,7±1,8 49,9±1,7
Component-3 0,020 119,2±4,8 30,3±1,5 18,2±1,3 50,8±3,0
Arenaria 0,1 111,8±2,5 24,9±1,8 15,8±1,5 45,0±1,6
(in a known way) 0,050 108,9±2,0 23,7±1,6 15,1±1,3 44,3±1,9
Control - 98,4±1,2 22,3±0,8 13,2±0,7 36,0±2,3

Comparative indices of melliferous bees development and productivity in the proposed way and in the known way
Comparative indices and products The result of bees breeding obtained using Positive effect of the proposed way compared to the known one
the proposed way the known way
Range of used concentrations, % 0,20-0,02 0,10-0,05 Wider concentration range
Way of preparation use Egg treatment Bees feeding Direct effect on eggs
Weight of working bees, mg 118,5 109,4 + 9,1
Bees' lifetime, days 28,2 23,8 + 4,4
Weight of pollen on a string, mg 17,3 14,9 + 2,4
Amount of grown typed breeding (number of squares) 48,4 43,9 + 4,5


Technology of plant productivity and yield 20-50% increase

The technology includes:

  1. Seeds treatment by Divostim prior to sowing:
    - using dry powder by thorough mixing of seeds after all the procedures provided by present technologies (10 g of Divostim per 100 kg of seeds);
    - preparation solution by soaking for a night (10-12 hours) prior to sowing (10 g of Divostim diluted in 50-100 liters of water per 100 kg of seeds).
  2. The additional forage of plants by Divostim as a solution in also possible (10 g of Divostim diluted in 100 liters of water per 1 hectare of area) after sprout bedding or young crops appearance if sowing into open soil has been used.
The increase of plants productivity is assured by molecular regulation of plants' adoptive abilities using Divostim:
  • high resistance to diseases, soil salinity and decrease of nitrogen level in it, temperature and moisture differences;
  • intensification of phytohormones and chlorophyll synthesis;
  • more intensive rootage development.

Technology of rapid root striking of green and numb sprouts using the soaking in Divostim solution

The efficiency of Divostim is much higher than that of known preparations: potassium heteroauxin, indole acetic acid etc.

The sprouts should be soaked in Divostim water solution (1g per 1-5 liters of water) at room temperature. The exposition time for green sprouts is 4-6 hours, for numb sprouts - 12-20 hours.

The manufacturing testing of Divostim in plant cultivation were carried out in the conditions of open and closed soil by agricultural associations and farmers in different ecological and geographical zones of Ukraine.

Divostim use in floriculture allows to shorten the time of budding, to increase the amount and size of flowers, to activate their reproduction. The yield increase in vegetable growing comprises 20-50%, fruit ripening period 10-15 days shortens. Similar results were obtained for cereals, potatoes, flax, sunflower, sugar-beet and hop growing.

Technology for intensification of mushrooms growing (champignons, pink oyster, shiitake etc.) using Divistim

The technology consists of traditional ways of mushrooms growing, but prior to that it is necessary to soak mushroom substrate in Divostim solution (1 g of Divostim per 1000 ml of water).

Divostim use increases the circulation of buildings for mushrooms growing by 2 mushroom cycles a year and allows a 25-30% increase of mushroom productivity at repetition work.

The study of the technology of champignons and pink oyster growing has been performed together with the specialists of "Kiev Vegetable Factory" agriculture.

Mushrooms can also be grown under home conditions. The technology of edible medicinal Shiitake mushroom growing has been worked out by "Solya and Co) enterprise together with Institute of Health Promotion and Rebirth of People of Ukraine, Institute of Botany of NAS of Ukraine and "Hospitable Court".

Shiitake mushroom is an easily assimilating food. It contains full plant proteins, carbohydrates, highly active enzymes, extractive and mineral substances, vitamins. Immune stimulating and antitumor properties of the mushroom have been studied in Japan, and industrial cultivation of Shiitake mushrooms together with including them into Japanese dietary intake has reached the national level. Oncologists of Japan, America and Western European countries use this mushroom and its preparations as an important addition to chemotherapy and radiotherapy during a postoperative period of patients suffering from tumors. The regular intake of the mushroom leads to increase of the resistance against diseases, decrease of cholesterol level, normalization of heightened blood pressure, potency restoration.

A special mushroom substrate briquette (weight 1.5 kg) is used for mushroom cultivation. A Shiitake yield in home conditions from one substrate briquette comprises more than 1 kg of mushrooms during 1.5 months. One square meter (at vertical cultivation) allows a yield up to 30 kg of Shiitake. This enables people to have their own powerful life immune stimulator every day and to get a successful protection against diseases. It is especially necessary for patients suffering from tumors, who can use this mushroom for food before and after the operation both raw and cooked. That is why Shiitake gets widely used in western countries for prophylaxis and cure of different oncological and other wasting diseases.

Sick people should intake 100-150 g of the raw mushrooms or 10-15 g of the dry mushrooms a day. Daily intake of the cooked mushrooms comprises 300-350 g.

An example of Divostim use
Investigation of 130 substrate briquettes prepared using Divostim (by soaking method) the following has been established:

  1. Germination of Shiitake, champignons and pink oyster occurs 5 days earlier compared to the control lot.
  2. Amount of the mushroom germs is 25% increased.
  3. The mushroom growth is significantly more intensive compared to the controls (by 0.5 cm a day). The tendency of drying resistance has been noticed for the mushroom germs.
  4. Size of the Shiitake mushroom caps is 2 times larger compared to the controls and comprise 8-12 cm in diameter.
  5. The Shiitake yield was 1300-1500 g from 2 kg of dry substrate, which 30-35% increases the normative.
  6. The amount of mushroom waves of yield for Shiitake increased 2 times compared to control (2 waves for control, 4-5 - in case of Divostim use).
  7. The yield of pink oyster in experiment was 20-25% higher than control, of champignons - 20-40% higher than control, due to the third extra wave of yield.
  8. Divostim use in mushroom substrates significantly increases the effect of mushroom elasticity, which has a great influences on their safe keeping and transportation.

Technology of productivity increase in fish-breeding, mariculture and rapid production of new kinds and forms of fish

The technology includes:

  • productivity increase due to vitality, growth intensity, resistance against diseases;
  • rapid creation of new kinds and hybrids using the original method of non-vector transfer of hereditary information;
  • treatment of unfertilized roe;
  • influence on fertilized roe, larvae and fry;
  • use of biological complexes for feeding of fry, young and adult fish in order to stimulate productivity and stability increase against harmful factors of environment (diseases, variation of temperature and feeding conditions).
The efficiency of the technology has been proved in experiments performed on different kinds of fish of carp family (loach, carp, crucian, grass carp), trout, salmon family, deep see scallop, starfish etc.

20-40% productivity increase is observed, and the costs are compensated during the first year of the technology use.

The organization of common research-and-production complexes together with sufficient investments of the work in necessary for creation of new kinds, forms and breeds of fish.

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